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Oniku Kappo JIKON

PROGRAM : Restaurant
LOCATION : K11 Musea.
DESIGN SCOPE: Interior Renovation
SIZE: approx 50m²

CARPENTRY: Hong Kong Bros & Co. Limited
CONTRACTOR : Crownwell Contracting (HK) Co. Ltd.

The interior design of Kappo JIKON succeeded the design of Yakiniku JIKON. Continuing to use a unified colour scheme as well as simple and natural materials with rich textures, Kappo JIKON added a touch of craftsmanship to the current bright and soothing atmosphere of JIKON. 

The challenge of this case is to refurbish the original restaurant with a limited budget and time to give people a new look. We choose textured stucco set off by burnt fir frames to create a simple and elegant shop front. Passing through a long corridor is designed as a ceremony before entering the restaurant. The walls of the corridor are handmade by craftsmen, with the signature JIKON pattern covered by stencil plastering. At the end of the corridor is an ukiyo-e-like picture frame. Inside the frame is a tree which can only be entirely seen by passing through the noren at the entrance. The sacred bamboo changes its shapes and colours according to the season. This short journey is full of changes and surprises. 

While customers are enjoying the craftsmanship of the JIKON chef, the details of the restaurant, such as lamp shades and artworks, also emphasise the charm of handmade textures. It creates an intimate and cosy dining experience. 



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