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The Mussels

Inspired by Parisians sidewalk cafe, the design of THE MUSSELS is to create a place for gathering, exchanging news, and sharing stories. The idea is to bring Paris’s most iconic and romantic scenery into the city while embracing the intrinsically French philosophy of “joie de vivre” (joy of living).

The restaurant design includes a main area and a kiosk where chairs are purposely arranged facing the street, bringing a quintessential Parisian experience – sitting at a sidewalk cafe for people-watching. The lighting temperatures are slowly adjusted according to the sun’s colour, which allows our customers to sense the change of the day even while staying indoors. The atmosphere we created is all about slowing yourself down, having a glass of wine, savoring your meal and enjoying the best moment in life. 

To add a bit of extra elegance to the interior, we carefully selected some antique furniture and decorations from the flea market in France. The art pieces near the entrance were hand painted by our artists to document the brand story and design journey of THE MUSSELS. Last but not least, don’t miss out the lovely patterns on our stucco paint wall. If you look at them carefully, you may find out the ingredients of our signature dishes!

PROGRAM : Restaurant
LOCATION : K11 Musea.
DESIGN SCOPE: Interior and Branding Design
SIZE: approx 79m²
CONTRACTOR : Waison Design and Engineering Limited

Brand Identity and Artwork

Concept Sketches