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The9life, founded by Rosly Mok, started by designing furniture that brings cats and humans together. Our products had exhibited in Hong Kong, Tokyo, Paris and Los Angeles. This is how the name “nine lives” was inspired. After Rosly’s cat passed away, the brand branched out from furniture design to various interior design projects. 

Starting in 2014, The9life established its expertise in F&B interior and small-scale hospitality designs. 

We keep our team small to make sure we are flexible and adaptable to learn in the ever-changing market environment. Combining our design and marketing knowledge, we can provide services in various fields including competitive research, marketing positioning strategy, branding proposal, brand identity design, interior design and styling. All these skills are tailored for small restaurants and hotel owners to kick-start their businesses with a coherent, unique and tasteful presence in the market.

If you are starting a shop, restaurant or hotel, we are your go-to solution for your business brand image. 

Project Types:

F&B- Restaurants, Bistro, Cafes, Bakery, Food Stalls

Hospitality- Villas, Resorts, Small-scale Hotels.

Project Scope:

Space: Masterplanning, Small scale architecture (under 3-storey), Interior design, Interior styling.

Idea: Competitor research, Marketing positioning, Brand Identity design.