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Situated in the heart of Tsim Sha Tsui, Susoshu is a Japanese restaurant that offers sushi (su), plain soba noodles (so), and Nihonshu (shu). The interior captures the homey atmosphere of traditional Japanese izakaya while bringing in modernist elements into the space to create a rejuvenating and refreshing ambiance. 

The focal point of Susoshu’s interior is the polygonal bar table handcrafted by a local Hong Kong carpenter. The ceiling in the bar area is clad in Japanese rattan and oak wood,aligning the shape of the bar table below. Two custom-made fridges with horizontal glass openings are purposely attached along with the bar table, allowing customers to look at the fresh ingredients and get their mouth watering when the chef is preparing food.

The walls on the other side are decorated with a series of artwork composed of geometric shapes and bold colors, featuring the three signature cuisines of the restaurant. The pattern on the door curtain is also designed and sewn by the designer, adding more fun and uniqueness to the space. Also worth noting is that the hanging wooden menu that can be found in most Japanese izakaya has been redesigned with unpolished metal to echo the reflective steel display shelf at the back of the counter. 

Concept Sketches

PROGRAM : Fusion Restaurant
LOCATION : 1/F, 17-19 Ashley Road, Tsim Sha Tsui.
CLIENT : Kyoto Ichinoden HK Limited
DESIGN PERIOD: 2020 March- 2020 September
DESIGN SCOPE: Interior design and construction supervision
SIZE: 56m²
CONTRACTOR : Hong Kong Bros Co. Ltd.
CONTRACT VALUE: Confidential
PHOTO:Keith Chan

Logo and Brand identity


Susoshu Bar Stool

Original Design for SUSOSHU Material: High-res Digital Print on CanvasSize:…

Susoshu Artwork

Original Artwork created for SUSOSHU Material: High-res Digital Print on…

Susoshu Pin

Sushi, Soba & Sake Material: Enamel PinSize: Approx 25mm φ7…

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