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Welcome Home Shelf

W500mm, D130mm, H125mm

Shelf: MDF with Maple veneer
Scratch post: String Twine
Pot: not included (fit for pot with 88mm diameter)
Weight: Approx 4kg

3 Months

photocredit: outofstock

The Welcome Home Shelf is the perfect spot for your cat to jump up to as they hear your footsteps outside of the door and rush to greet you at the end of the day. It’s also a great place to keep small, everyday items like keys and it will remind you that snuggling the cat should always be your first priority when you get home.


開燈,放下銀包鑰匙之類,貓子衝出來,或用腳阻止貓子衝出門外,關好門,放下包包,然後阻止貓子到處抓。另一邊廂,一整天在家裡睡覺等你回來,門外聽到你的腳步聲馬上衝到門前等你開門。“喂喂,我在這裡我在這裡…有注意到我嗎?” 玄關收納,也能讓貓子跳上去,讓你回家第一件時間跟牠好好的打招呼。

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    1. Thank you for the answear.

      Actually, i created a website about tendencies for pet (, and i would like to write an article about your products ! Could please keep me inform if you add new products in your Etsy’s shop ?

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      1. Hi Vanessa, I visited your website~ It is very nice!
        Yay, it’s my pleasure to be featured in your website. I will update you when my products are available online. And I will keep visiting your website too~
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