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Afternoon Table

W450mm, D450mm, H450mm

Table: MDF with Maple veneer
Top: Extra matt acrylic top included
Decorative items not included
Weight: Approx 15kg (include packaging)

3 months

photocredit: outofstock

Nothing is better than enjoying coffee with a magazine on Saturday afternoon. When you finish with that magazine, add it to the pile in the storage compartment of Afternoon Table and it becomes a scratching post that is continuously renewed. The storage compartment is also the perfect hiding place and might become your cat’s favorite spot for a nap!


貓抓東西目的是為了留下“我來過了”的痕跡和氣味。就好像我們的Facebook Check﹣in 一樣!所以我們愈喜歡待的地方,牠就抓得愈起勁!梳化是不能幸免的了。



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