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homecrux, Nov 2013


The9life Cat furniture includes stylish cat furniture that fits urban spaces
Posted by Garima

It is often seen among cat owners that they are just too frustrated in getting  cat furniture for their faithful feline companions. Although they love their furry kitties, but they do not want to add an ugly piece of cat furniture to their house. If you are a cat owner and want to improve yours as well as your kitty’s quality of life, then take a look at the cat friendly furniture designed by The9life, a new lifestyle brand based in Japan and Hong Kong. The Cat furniture range from the brand was spotted at the 2013 Tokyo Design Week. The9life Cat Furniture line is designed especially for people living in populated urban environments where space is scarce. It tends to make the way of living for you and your furry friend, much better and valuable. Hit the jump to take a look at the gorgeous the9life cat furniture collection.

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