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Design Taxi, Oct 2013


Designers Make Quality Furniture For Cats And Their Owners
By Kelly Koo, 30 Oct 2013

The owners of lifestyle brand ‘THE9LIFE’ are located in Hong Kong and Japan, where space is scarce. In order to optimize small living environments for owners living with cats, they design furniture and home products that aim to enhance the comfort and style of small homes.

Part of THE9LIFE’s design philosophy is to explore the solutions and possibilities that arise from the combination of three elements: cat + human + space. They aim to create a stylish, quality environment for both owners and their feline friends.

‘Afternoon Table’ is a table with a storage compartment that doubles as a scratching post—place a stack of unwanted magazines inside to create a ‘scratching post’ for your cat. ‘Welcome Home Shelf’ can be installed near the door to hold small items like keys, and makes the perfect spot for your cat to perch on to greet you when you come home.

The designers also made a set of lovely ‘Cat’s Favorite Place’ posters to adorn your walls with. View the range of products here.

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