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Small space living presents a unique challenge of creating a functional home that is also enjoyable for the owner. 

To achieve a sense of comfort, glass is strategically incorporated to reduce the feeling of oppression in the space, while wood is used in various forms such as checkers, louvers, and tambour doors. The sun shining in the house and the warm light filtering through the glass add layers to the home and invite the beauty of nature indoors.

Given the limited living space in Hong Kong, it is essential to maximise functionality while maintaining a minimalist lifestyle. A multifunctional wood screen designed at the entrance serves as a practical storage solution for small objects such as masks, sanitisers, umbrellas, and keys. The middle section of the screen can be used to display personal touches such as paper, calendars, or decorations, adding warmth and personality to the home.

For a single-person home, creating a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere is crucial. The terrace by the window provides a perfect spot for relaxation, and a movable wooden bench has been incorporated to allow the owner to enjoy the view of birds flying outside while sipping a cup of coffee in the morning. This exclusive corner also doubles as a peaceful place for contemplation in the middle of the night while enjoying a glass of good wine.

PROGRAM : Residential
LOCATION : The Vertex, Cheung Sha Wan, Hong Kong
DESIGN PERIOD: 2022 Dec (completed)
DESIGN SCOPE: Interior design & renovation
SIZE: approx 21m²